Marangu, Route Mount Kilimanjaro

Marangu Route

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Marangu Route

Famously known as the “Coca-Cola” route as you can get a Coca-Cola at each hut on the way up Kilimanjaro. The Marangu route approaches Mt Kilimanjaro from the southeast. It is the oldest, most well established route but is the least scenic as the ascent and descent are on the same route. It is often said to be the easiest route and in terms of walking this is true but it is also the worst for acclimatisation and as a result summit success rates via this route are as low as 42%, according to KINAPA’s official figures.

The Marangu Route is certainly the easiest route for operators as very little equipment is needed to be carried as accommodation is in dormitory style huts. The huts have a communal dining room, simple washrooms and toilets which lower down will be flushable, but as you move higher up the mountain will be “long drop”.

The entry gate is close to Moshi where most of the budget operators are located. Being the quickest route up the mountain there is less cost in terms of park fees, food, accommodation etc.

The minimum time taken to climb via this route is 5 days, however, it is highly recommended if you do choose this route that an extra day is added to assist acclimatisation.

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