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  • Choosing the best Mount Kilimanjaro climbing Route

    Although there are a variety of routes offering unique scenery and terrain to Kilimanjaro’s peak, we offer two distinct routes that provide our clients with the best possible chance to safely reach the summit.  Fortunately, our two featured routes, Machame and Lemosho, happen to have the most diverse and beautiful landscapes all while achieving over 95% success on […]

  • What Are The Toilet Facilities On Kilimanjaro?

    The call of nature is an unavoidable truth. We all need to go to the loo some of us, a few times each day or night. However, it's one of those subjects that we're a bit excessively modest, hesitant or queasy to speak transparently about. Doing as such while outdoors on a 6 or 7 […]

  • Who Can Climb Mount Kilimanjaro & What Is Success Percentage?

    Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain and is one of the world's most iconic pinnacles. Being the world's most astounding freestanding mountain, it draws in around 30,000 hikers every year. Aside from being Africa's tallest mountain, the amazing peak has three volcanic cones – one of which is as yet dynamic, despite the fact that […]

  • “Tanzania” One Country With Unrivaled Credentials

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  • “2015” Most Incredible Moments Happens On Mount Kilimanjaro

    Basically Mount Kilimanjaro is a year around climbing & trekking destination, but most of the climbers like to climb in between January-March and June-October, because the former seasons are generally colder than the latter & also often quieter.

  • Homophobia In East Africa – Can It Prevent You Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

    African nations have the absolute most restrictive pilgrim time laws against homosexuality on the planet. Same-sex relationships are viewed as a taboo and are a crime over the vast majority of landmass, with punishment ranging from imprisonment to death. Therefore, the mistreatment, separation, and abuse of Africa's sexual minorities are overflowing. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro […]

  • A Step By Step Girls Guide For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

    Ascending the tallest detached mountain on the planet is an exceptional, ideal encounter! It is the most astounding crest in Africa and the least demanding of the seven summits to overcome. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is known as "Each man's mountain" since it doesn't require a similar extraordinary gear or preparing like the other seven summits. […]