Tanzania Day Trips – In The Search Of Big Game Viewing

In this age, people are always in a hurry & have very little time for anything else especially when it comes to weeklong safari trips. Thus, all those going for safari holidays are really very lucky because in today’s terms vacation is a luxury & time is at a costly. Hence, pressing a safari to stumble into a date-book is an enormous task for each person. There are various individuals around the world who are trying and struggling to gather some time to have an incredible safari experience. Now, there is nothing to worry about because our Tanzania Day Trips will pack all the brilliance of rich safari experience.

Tanzania Day Trips

Now, below is a list of Tanzania Day Trips that will give every busy person a slice of their life by providing them with an amazing day trip sponsored by Materuni Tours, are as follows:-          

► Arusha National Park Day Trip

Arusha National Park Day Trip

♦ This is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania but still, it is proud of a wide variety of wildlife along with the still active volcano also known as Mount Meru. In creating this park, God has displayed his true artisan skills to create the natural beauty of this place.

♦ Visitors can choose to go for a walking Arusha National Park Day Trip to explore the wilderness of the park & it is the only national park in the northern circuit where people can be able to walk. Here all such tourists can have a lot of options like strolling past a group of Gazelle or coming across a family of elephant herds’ right at the foothills of Tanzania’s second largest peak.            

Tarangire National Park Day Trip

Tarangire National Park Day Trip

♦ This is a park where people can go for a nice morning game drive with a chance to see large groups of elephants that made this national park famous. Through this Tarangire National Park Day Trip, you can explore the park that is also home to large & iconic Baobab trees that will give you some pictures of perfect African landscapes on your cameras.

♦ Furthermore, this day trip will also help you to enjoy a picnic lunchbox inside the park during the game drive and our guide will make sure that you get to capture most of the park during such a short trip.

Kilimanjaro Day Trip

Kilimanjaro Day Trip

♦ With a Kilimanjaro Day Trip in your kitty, you can effectively enjoy the first day of the climb up to the lush rainforest ecosystem located on the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

♦ This hike is suitable for anyone of average fitness & takes possibly three hours each way. During the trek, travellers will get plenty of stops to take pleasure in a variety of flora & fauna found in the national park including black & white Colobus monkey.       

Hot Spring Day Trip

Hot Spring Day Trip

♦ It is a hidden little tropical oasis which is located approximately one hour drive away from Moshi. The journey of the travellers gets interesting with the start of Hot Spring Day Trip because the tour group will be driving through the Maasai land, Past Bomas & young warriors who are herding cattle.    

♦ When you visit the place for the first time, you will be just stunned to see such a lush place in such a dry land that is further scattered with Baobab trees & acacias. The warm & fresh waters are great for relaxing & swimming for some time.

Lake Chala Day Trip

Lake Chala Day Trip

♦ It is an awesome spot with a lake formed in a caldera bordering Tanzania & Kenya. Upon arrival, you can walk down to the lake & enjoy swimming during one of your Tanzania Day Trips To Lake Chala

♦ You can also hire a Kayak and use it float around the edge of the lake watching attractive birds & monkeys playing in the trees. You can also spot wildlife such as Baboons & elephants during the day session.   

► Materuni Day Trip

Materuni Day Trip

♦ ​Materuni Day Trip will take you to Materuni village which is famous for its coffee & waterfalls. Moreover, this village is a beautiful lush area that visits on the outskirts of Moshi.

♦ Here you can get the grips with the life of the local Chagga people while wandering & passing through the village & homesteads. However, this village has managed to retain its authentic edge over some of the tourist attractions as it is not one of the routes for climbing Kilimanjaro.     

With Tanzania Day Trips you will get the sample of how the life inside the Tanzania national parks gets so majestic. Furthermore, all such day trips are just a form of encouragement urging the vacationers the world over that there is no harm in going for a better package coming at an affordable price that offers so many adventures in a natural safari. Please visit us @ materunitours.com for customizing your tours. We will help you with your safari endeavour.    


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